Pirate Philosophy

Zanimiv zbornik na temo piratov kulture:

Culture Machine
Vol 10 (2009)
Tenth Anniversary Issue, edited by Gary Hall

Table of Contents

Pirate Philosophy (Version 1.0): Open Access, Open Editing, Free
Content, Free/Libre/Open Media
Gary Hall

Piracy as a Business Force
Adrian Johns

For the Good of the Net: The Pirate Bay as a Strategic Sovereign
Jonas Andersson

Vapor Music
Don Joyce, Negativland

Crashing the Spectacle: A Forgotten History of Digital Sampling,
Infringement, Copyright Liberation and the End of Recorded Music
Kembrew McLeod

Debord’s Nostalgic Algorithm
Alexander R. Galloway

Source Material Everywhere: The Alfred North Whitehead Remix
Mark Amerika

Liquid Theory TV
Gary Hall, Clare Birchall, Pete Woodbridge

New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader
Gary Hall, Clare Birchall