Coppers and Robbers - Festival of Creativity and Free Culture 08

The 3rd edition of the Festival of Creativity and Free Culture will be devoted to artistic production and sharing, as well as the legislative frame that controls it. We shall oppose the biased and simplified view on the phenomenon of the so called piracy. Ramified and diverse practices of production, distribution and archiving have been developed over the last decade that the media and competent authorities have been all too eager to label as criminal. The Festival shall present and display the projects of various authors, communities and institutions that have invented their own production methods and new forms of archiving and sharing of rare and, until recently, inaccessible works. And thus consciously entered the zone of civil disobedience.

The programme deals with:
I. Controversies
II. Remedies
III. Catharsis

The programme runs occasionaly throughout the year. The main event will be Coppers and Robbers Public Forum.

The festival* will be comprised by the film featuring Hand of Justice.

Coppers and Robbers Public Forum

Copy Right Law in Slovenia - Stimulation vs Obstruction
7 October 2008 (11am - 2 pm)
KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana

This public forum tends to question the current Copy Right Law in Slovenia. What are the main obstacles faced by the authors? What would be the proper remedies for creating more stimulative conditions for the works to circulate?

Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka (RadioCona): Who is the author of the recorded soundscape?
Paul Keller (Knowledgeland): Internet vs. Victor Hugo
Balazs Bodo (CC Hungary): Friends of the ‘author’, enemies of each other - why the law, CC and Collecting societies can’t get along?
Maja Bogataj Jančič: Mandatory Collective Management of Copyright in Slovenia - Protection or limitation for creators?
(Intelectual Property Institute)
Slavko Pregl (president of the Slovene Writers’ Association): topic under construction

Representatives of various stakeholders:
Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), The Peace Institute, National and University Library, political parties, respective faculties, DSP and other professional artists’ associations, clubs, collective societies …

Special guest: Hand of Justice

> ZASP (The Law itself)
> interview with Paul Keller


Luka Frelih, Alenka Pirman, Špela Kučan, Maja Lubarda, Vasja Lebarič, Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

> Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije, Nova beseda
> Retrovizor, Filmsteka
> The Bureau for Piracy at Manifesta (17. 7. - 2. 11.)
> Imaginary Property, Oil of the 21st Century, 0xdb
> Radio Cona, Putujući slobodni radio, Tone (KODA +
> sorodni festivali

Ne kradi! (pdf)
Movement for the Liberation of Old Papers
10-odstotno zmanjšanje piratstva bi močno okrepilo rast trga IT
Evropska komisija o ustvarjalnih vsebinah na spletu na enotnem trgu
Free Radio Discussion, Zagreb